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JOHANNESBURG, 25 June (IRIN) - A new UNAIDS study has found that even when used consistently, condoms fail to protect against HIV transmission approximately one in 10 times.

In previous reports, condom effectiveness against HIV was widely estimated at between 46 and 100 percent.

The report's main author, Norman Hearst, a University of California professor, drew on two decades of scientific research on condoms.

While these findings could likely add fuel to a global debate on the efficacy of condoms in tackling HIV/AIDS in the developing world, UNAIDS said the aim was not only to clear up confusion over condom effectiveness, but also to help educate people worldwide on proper condom use.

The study "makes a cogent argument that we should be talking about safer sex, not safe sex, with condoms," UNAIDS chief scientific adviser, Catherine Hankins, told the UN news service PlusNews.

Hankins said the final version of the report was due for release by the end of June.
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