Autor: Steven Mosher Fuente: Population Research Institute

Dear Colleague:

As homosexuals clamor to be allowed to "marry," polygamists and bestiality advocates are lining up for their own walk down the aisle. Before the institution of marriage is further weakened and corrupted by the clamoring of special interest groups, America needs to define what it has always taken for granted, namely, that marriage is instituted between one man and one woman. Period. The future of America is at stake.

Steven Mosher

PRI Weekly Briefing
12 September 2003
Vol. 5 / No. 26

Federal Marriage Amendment Would Preserve America's Future

The Sexual Revolution of the Sixties continues to be played out in the courts. Unelected judges in Canada, Europe, and in several states are attempting to give state sanction to homosexual unions. They want to give the same rights to two people of the same sex that men and women have traditionally enjoyed within the covenant of marriage. These black-robed tyrants, as Robert Bork calls them, are tampering with an institution central to all civilizations, and one which is vital to America's future.

Marriage has been under attack for decades, of course. Too many marriages have ended in divorce, too many children are being raised in broken homes, and too many marriages have remained sterile, short-term partnerships. A wide range of social pathologies, from rising crime rates to falling test scores, have resulted. Scores of massively funded government programs have not helped and may, in some cases, have made the problems worse. Social workers are poor surrogates for missing husbands and absent fathers.

The crisis that grips America's families threatens our future in another way. Beginning in the early seventies, birthrates in America dropped below replacement. Despite a recent return to near-replacement levels of fertility, the population of America may begin to decline by 2030, with predictable economic results. We are failing to provide for our collective future in the most fundamental way: By failing to provide the next generation of Americans.

Why are Americans today having fewer children than their parents before them? Partly because young people have become increasingly cynical about the institution of marriage. The sexual revolution of the Sixties sought to normalize recreational sex -- or sex without marriage or children. Abortion rates, contraceptive use and sterilization rates have increased, even in marriage. Young couples look nervously at one another, wondering if their partner will bow out of the relationship in a couple of years. None of this is conducive to one of the natural ends of marriage -- having and raising children.

All this is the say that marriage and the family need to be strengthened and supported, not weakened and diluted by legitimizing faux "marriages" between homosexuals. This is why the Federal Marriage Amendment, which the U.S. Congress is expected to take up in the near future, is so important.

The Federal Marriage Amendment would amend the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. By writing this definition into our basic law, the courts would be prevented from redefining the institution of marriage to be a mere union between two individuals of indeterminate sex. It would set the stage for new efforts to reinvigorate and strengthen the traditional American family. To the extent that families are strong and fruitful, America will be so also. Children are the only future that a family has, the only future that a nation has.
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