Autor: Tom Strode Fuente: Family Research Council

Earlier this week, The Washington Post reported that after two years of legalized homosexual "marriage" in the Netherlands, public perceptions of a difference between heterosexual and homosexual couples have almost vanished. Activists in Amsterdam claim that homosexual couples are "just like any other married couple" and that "the only thing that makes their marriage unusual" is that they are both the same sex. They point to acceptance by relatives, neighbors and even "conservative" politicians as evidence of the similarities between heterosexual and same-sex "marriage." However, this claim stands in stark contrast to a Dutch study that was released earlier this year in the scientific journal AIDS. The study found that the average "steady homosexual male partnership" lasts only 1.5 years. Those reporting "steady" relationships also reported an average of 8 "casual" sex partners each year. Clearly, this is not the same as a heterosexual marriage. Buried at the very end of the article was the admission that "many gay men and lesbians consider marriage to be a vestige of the past" and that such a view is "common among heterosexuals in Europe as well." The complacency of many Dutch citizens about same-sex civil "marriage" should serve as a wake-up call. It demonstrates that far from strengthening the institution, this radical movement is really about de-constructing marriage and effectively abolishing it.
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