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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch says it will discontinue its quarterly catalog, which had been criticized for its young, scantily clad or nude models shown in sexually suggestive poses.

Earlier this month, the company stopped selling its racy Christmas catalog, saying its stores needed the shelf space for a new fragrance line.

In a release late Tuesday, the company said it would replace the A&F Quarterly catalog with a new promotion.

"While it has enjoyed success with the Quarterly over the years, the Company believes it is time for new thinking and looks forward to unveiling an innovative and exciting campaign in the spring," the release stated.

Company spokesman Hampton Carney declined to comment Wednesday.

The Cincinnati-based National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families launched a boycott of the Christmas catalog to protest its content.

The consumer group also called for boycotting the retailer's stores, signing an online petition and registering complaints via a national toll-free telephone number.

The 280-page 2003 Christmas Field Guide featured photos of nude or partially clothed young people posing alone, in couples, threesomes and groups.



Thanks to pro-family activism, Abercrombie & Fitch, the notorious clothing retailer that uses sex to sell teens clothes, has announced they are discontinuing their pornographic catalog. In the past, this catalog has boasted an attitude of "anything goes" and featured naked young men and women promoting group sex. But in response to Dr. James Dobson criticizing the company on his nationwide radio program, A&F reportedly received up to 300 phone calls an hour complaining about their over-sexed marketing.

The heat was turned up even further due to an ad campaign run in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal by Cincinnati-based Citizens for Community Values, which demanded the Ohio-based company end distribution of its grotesque catalog. At fist the company said they were just pulling the most recent issue of its catalog, but it now appears that Abercrombie's dabble in pornography has ended for good. Thanks to all of you who called or e-mailed the company. Activism works!

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