Autor: Richard M. Kavuma Fuente: The Monitor, Kampala

"Sex is sweet," a minister told thousands of youth at a conference yesterday.

But if you are patient and wait for marriage, Gender minister Bakoko Bakoru said, "you will have sex for 40 years and you'll get tired of it."

Patience and abstinence were the key points in two speeches delivered to the youth yesterday by Bakoru and First Lady Janet

Museveni as the 13th annual Uganda Youth Conference entered its third day.

Speaking to more than 2,000 youth at the International Conference Centre, Ms Museveni advised them to abstain - and to stick to one partner once married - to avoid catching HIV/Aids.

She also advised the young people to ignore calls to use condoms, saying that rich companies that promote the rubber pieces are only after more money.

"Don't give your airtime to anyone talking to you about using condoms," Ms Museveni said.

Medical authorities say that if used correctly and consistently, condoms reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases but the first lady said she could "not be apologetic" for opposing their use.

The President's wife also said she couldn't speak to her own children about condoms but added that she understands other parents do it out of desperation.

She told participants that self-control, which is critical to defeating the Aids scourge, must be "God-centred".

Ms Museveni is the matron and founder of the organisers, the Uganda Youth Forum.

Earlier, minister Bakoru had urged the youth to stick to the ABC formula (Abstinence, Being faithful and Condom use) to avoid HIV - but replaced condom use with 'character formation'.
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