Autor: Herbert Sempogo Fuente: New Vision, Kampala

The First Lady, Janet Museveni, has asked the youth in Uganda to abstain from premarital sex.

"You do not need sex at your age. Wait until you are married. You can choose to fight AIDS by saying no and be able to stay alive," she told the quiet youth.

She said abstinence would help them avoid the deadly HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies, which could destroy their future.

The First Lady was yesterday speaking at the official opening of the annual youth conference at the International Conference Centre in Kampala. Uganda Youth Forum, her brainchild, organised the conference.

She also called on all leaders in the country to use every opportunity to remind the youth about the good things that come out of abstaining from sex.

"You do not have to be a member of the movement or the opposition to do this. Always tell our young people not to engage in premarital sex," she said.

Mrs Museveni urged the leaders to give a message of hope that would help to heal the nation, adding that married people should also be reminded to be faithful.

She reminded the young men and women to have a personal relationship with God, adding that fearing him would give them the strength to fight peer pressure.

Mrs Museveni also urged the youth not to listen to any person telling them to use condoms.

Gender, labour and social development minister Zoe Bakoko Bakoru condemned acts of homosexuality and lesbianism and warned the youth against indulging in such abnormal acts.
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