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A meeting of over 2000 political, religious and civil society leaders, taking place in Mexico City on March 29-31, will convene in order to create a common international agenda to protect and promote the natural family. Called the World Congress of Families III, the meeting will emphasize the irreplaceable role of the family in economic, political and social development, that the very future of nations depends upon the health of the natural family.

Speakers at the event will include President Vincente Fox of Mexico, Nobel Laureate Gary Becker, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, Cardinal Renato Martino, Dr. Wade Horn, Assistant Secretary for Children and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services and His Royal Highness, Dom Duarte, the Duke of Braganza and the titular King of Portugal. Many leaders of major pro-family organizations, scholars, ambassadors and various Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders will also participate.

According to Alan Carlson, the president of the Howard Center and a chief organizer of the event, the idea of holding international conferences arose when it became clear that strong and stable families are crucial to human development, and that the role of the family is ignored, even attacked, through many current international development projects. Carlson states that “In the twenty-first century, nations aspire to mobilize their people’s talents and attitudes so as to strengthen the economy, diminish social problems and improve their living circumstances. These nations need to recognize that the natural family is a primary factor in delivering on these crucial objectives. The World Congress of Families III is conceived as a powerful alliance to provide worldwide reinforcement of the pro-family worldview.”

Specifically, organizers hope to craft a declaration and a platform of action to serve as guides to family protection and renewal around the globe. These documents will challenge deeply held opinions about social development, opinions that have often resulted in anti-family programs and activities at the United Nations and in the European Union. For instance, the conference will emphasize the growing demographic problems associated with fertility decline, not population “bomb” ideology, and will highlight the social and cultural importance of large families and religious orthodoxy, both frequently considered obstacles to development.

Fernando Milanes, the head of Red Familia, a coalition of 150 Mexican pro-family group involved in organizing the event, told the Friday Fax that “If you want to address deeply entrenched social problems – poverty, governmental corruption, healthcare, sexually transmitted diseases – you have to bet on marriage. Imagine how much we could achieved if national and international policies reflected a family perspective, if they sought to strengthen family.” Milanes believes the Congress will allow groups to “share expertise, find common ground, and build synergies, all in favor of the family.”

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