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ROCKFORD, IL, March 5, 2004 - The growing debate over gay marriage will be in sharp focus at the upcoming World Congress of Families III – March 29-31st in Mexico City.
“Since homosexual marriage is a clear and present danger to the family – and the Congress will be the largest international gathering of pro-family leaders and activists – we expect the issue to be high on the agenda,” said Allan Carlson, U.S. convener of WCF III.
Carlson went on to explain that a number of nations – including Canada and Sweden – officially sanction same-sex unions. Even in strongly Catholic countries, there is orchestrated agitation for this deconstruction of marriage.
“The theme of this Congress is ‘The Natural Family & The Future of Nations,’” Carlson noted. “Governments don’t create families. They can recognize and nurture them, or destabilize and de-legitimize them. Homosexual marriage is the most potent weapon yet devised for the latter.
“Society’s essential work of raising the next generation will always be done by men and women, fathers and mothers, united in love – sanctioned by faith and tradition – in the stable environment of the family. Any competing models sanctioned by the state – including two men, two women or multiple partners – automatically undercuts real families and detracts from their vital mission.”
Several organizations represented in Mexico City are in the forefront of the marriage battle in the US, including American Family Association, Christian Coalition of America, Concerned Women for America and Family Research Council.
More than 2,000 delegates from over 60 nations are expected to attend World Congress of Families III in Mexico City, where they will share ideas, educate and formulate pro-family strategy for the new millennium.
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