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GENEVA, March 10, 2004 ( - National delegates to the upcoming March 15-April 25 meeting of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights are being heavily lobbied by homosexual activists to approve a motion to include the term "sexual orientation" as a prohibited ground for discrimination within the UN Human Rights Convention. has learned that delegates have received numerous communications in support of the proposal and very few opposing it. reported that in late January the activist group International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Committee asked its members to contact delegates to the UNHCR meeting asking them to support the proposal. The motion, which was sponsored by Brazil and co-sponsored by Canada, was postponed last year by a narrow vote at the UNHRC and homosexual activists have vowed to fight for its acceptance this year.

Jane Adolphe, an international law expert and an assistant professor of law at Ave Maria Law School, raised concerns about the motion last year when it was being debated. "This initiative opens the door for further attacks on the (Catholic) Church," she said. "With respect to the Commission, individuals could presumably use this discrimination language to bring complaints against the Church with regard to hiring, employment, even the doctrines of the Church, itself."
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