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Mrs. Martha Fox welcomed more than 3,000 delegates from more than 55 nations to the World Congress of Families III which convened in Mexico City. Sharing the stage with Mrs. Fox were a number of honored guests including Dr. Allan Carlson of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society. Mrs. Fox officially opened the World Congress of Families III and declared that the “future of mankind is forged in the family.”

“No matter what country we come from today we have a common vision, the value of the family. Family is the hope of the world”, said Mrs. Fox. She described the family’s contribution to society, “family in the course of centuries has become the school of life.”

The Honorable Ellen Sauerbrey, US Ambassador the UN Commission on the Status of Women, preceded Mrs. Fox by reading letters from President George Bush and the United States Congress welcoming the delegates to the World Congress of Families III. President Bush commended the efforts of the World Congress to “recognize the importance of families in our society. Around the world, families are the source of help, hope, and stability for individuals and nations. As one of the pillars of civilization, families must remain strong and we must defend them during this time of great change. Your work improves many lives and makes the world better,” declared President Bush.

The World Congress of Families III (WCFIII) is the largest and most exciting international gathering of pro-family leaders, activists and thinkers ever assembled. It will build on the success of WCFI (Prague, 1997) and WCFII (Geneva, 1999).

Speakers at WCF III will focus on issues like homosexual “marriage,” abortion, population control, anti-family media (news and entertainment), parental rights and the UN’s anti-family agenda. It will seek to forge an international pro-family alliance transcending national borders, cultures and faith traditions.

Participating organizations include The Howard Center For Family, Religion and Society (US), The Family Network (Mexico), Focus On the Family (US), The Latin American Alliance for the Family (Venezuela), The Australian Family Association, The Civic Institute (Czech Republic), Family Research Council (US) and Real Women of Canada.

The World Congress of Families III continues this week in Mexico City, Mexico.
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