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Tasha Danvers-Smith has put her Olympic 400 metres hurdles medal dreams on hold - to become a mother.

The British star married her American coach Darrell Smith last November but always insisted success at the Athens Olympic Games was top priority, before starting a family.

But then came the shock of pregnancy for the 26-year-old Shaftesbury Barnet star, a former World University Games gold medallist, who lives in California.

"Initially, I was devastated, I went into a depression stage," said Danvers-Smith, who reached the 400m hurdles final at the Sydney Olympics four years ago and was ranked sixth in the world in her event last year.

Danvers-Smith went to see her doctor after a listless start to her season, who revealed she was pregnant. Her husband said: "Physically, she was the best she's ever been,"

Now instead of representing Team GB in Greece this August, the low hurdler will be preparing for motherhood.

Danvers-Smith said: "I had dreams of what I wanted to do this year. Wanting to achieve my goals was the whole wide world for me.

"I could medal at the Olympics. I would have money, recognition - something I have been aiming at for years. That was my world.

"I am sure a lot of women go through all this. A lot keep up their career. Some start a family.

"It's not just that I'm pregnant at a time when I wouldn't pick for myself, I'm going to have to watch the season go by.

"That's going to be hard because the GB team is almost like a family and I shall miss being a part of it.

But she is upbeat about becoming a mother. She said: "I am really happy and hoping that everything is fine with baby.

"It could have been another year but because I've made what I think constitutes a sacrifice, this child will be very special."
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