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Again a world body looks at the AIDS epidemic, but this time recommends abstinence, monogamy and waiting until marriage.

A high-powered team of global experts has released a study on the HIV epidemic that says prevention and treatment are equally important — but also warns that without prevention, treatment can never keep up.

The report of the Global HIV Working Group recommends several strategies, including abstinence and condom use. Linda Klepacki, manager of Focus on the Family's abstinence policy department, said the recommendation sends a mixed message.

"If you're promoting condoms widely, what you're really promoting is sexual activity outside of marriage," Klepacki said. "So you are promoting two completely different ideas here in this report."

Dr. Thomas Fitch, of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health (MISH), points to the strategy adopted by the African nation of Uganda over the last decade as one worth reviewing.

"The only program that's really worked so far," he said, "has been (the) . . . ABc program."

ABc stands for "Abstinence, Being faithful, and condoms" — with the "c" a last-ditch, not primary, strategy. As Klepacki pointed out: "The 'c' representing condoms is really . . . a small 'c.' "

Explained Fitch: "The 'A' and the 'B' (represent) prevention; the 'c' is risk reduction."

Recent success in treating HIV and AIDS (with precisely timed "cocktails" of antiviral drugs) has badly wounded the prevention component. But there is no cure, and treatment doesn't amount to life as usual.

"(The life of the AIDS victim) is really based on taking medication," Klepacki said. "Their life is based on going to the doctors and having multiple, multiple infections attack their immune system."
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