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NEW YORK, July 5, 2004 ( - The Vatican Information Service reports that a United Nations General Assembly resolution on the participation by the Holy See (the Vatican representation) in the work of the UN passed unanimously last week at UN headquarters in New York.

The Holy See's role as a pernanent observer now includes all the same rights and privileges as other observers and it will be easier for it to participate in U.N. sessions without a vote. The Holy See no longer has to ask permission to participate in debates, it has a right of reply, the right to circulate documents and to raise points of order.

Archbishop Celestino Migliore, permanent observer to the United Nations, addressed the General Assembly and thanked the president for "the adoption by consensus of this Resolution on the participation of the Holy See in the work of the United Nations, under agenda item 59, entitled "Strengthening of the United Nations system." He noted that "the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See is happily celebrating the fortieth anniversary of its presence at this Organization this year."

The Holy See has been at the forefront of organized efforts by certain national delegations and NGO's, working together with the Holy See, to fend off intense tactics in recent years at the UN to impose anti-life and anti-family measures on the nations of the world.
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