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Concerned Women for America of Missouri applauds primary voters for passing the protection-of-marriage amendment with a 71 percent yes vote and for defeating the expansion-of-gambling amendment by 56 to 44 percent. Voter turnout shattered records for an August primary.
Tuesday's vote did not surprise me. CWA worked hard to alert our friends and neighbors to the need for an amendment. Radical judges are intent on overthrowing the law, the will of the people and our basic moral order. We are drawing a line in the sand right here in Missouri. The eyes of the nation were on the results for Amendment 2, defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.

With the adoption of this amendment, Missouri becomes the first state to ban same-sex marriage by constitutional amendment since a Massachusetts court decision opened the door for same-sex marriage in their state. The traditional-marriage sleeping giant has been aroused and people have responded.

Missouri now is the fifth state to amend its constitution to protect marriage. Five states, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah, will have marriage amendments on their state ballots in November. North Dakota is in the process of qualifying petitions to place a marriage protection amendment on their November ballot. Proponents have garnered twice as many names as necessary to authorize ballot placement.

The people of Missouri responded to expansion of gambling in the state and Amendment 1 was soundly defeated. Less than 10 percent of Missouri's schoolchildren would benefit from the proposed casino tax revenue scheme and the family-friendly reputation of the Branson area amusements, shows and attractions would suffer economic losses with gambling in the area.

However, it is evident from the gambling in Rockaway Beach issue that economic help is needed for that area. CWA encourages businesspeople from the Branson area to get together soon with Rockaway Beach folks and design an economic plan for the area. With everyone working together to alleviate financial problems, the people can begin to plan to economically prosper the area.

Joey Davis is state director of Concerned Women for America.
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