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113  Did you know that one of the world's richest men - worth $7 billion – says he just might spend his whole fortune to defeat President George Bush this November?

In NewsMax Magazine's latest edition "George Soros' Coup" – on newsstands and in bookstores (including most Barnes & Nobles) across America –we reveal the bold agenda of George Soros.

No other man has sought to implement such a secret and dangerous plan to influence America and the world.

This NewsMax special report on George Soros has been written by investigative reporter Richard Poe, a New York Times bestselling author.

Poe reveals for the first time in NewsMax Magazine:

*The true story behind Soros' shocking threat to defeat George Bush at any cost Soros' involvement in the shadowy 527s helping John Kerry
*Why Soros so hates America and why he vows to "puncture the bubble of American supremacy"
His eerie delusion of being a New Age Messiah
The real story of Soros' philanthropy and how it funds abortion, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, gay marriage, globalization and other radical causes
*The dark purpose behind Soros’ $200-million "Project on Death" program
How Soros' friendship with the Clintons made him a global power
*Why Soros, a Jew, has shown such disdain for Israel and Jewish groups
*Soros' British professor and mentor who decried America's founding ideals
*How Soros really made his fortune and why even governments of mighty nations fear him
*Why the Russians raided and closed down Soros’ Moscow offices with armed paramilitary units
The Soros Cult: the new semi-secret establishment he has built to take over many East European countries
*Why he says he will force "regime change" in the U.S. if he has to, and blames President Bush's alleged failings on his Christianity
Soros' efforts to realize his vision of a world without God.
*How he made billions from undermining Britain's economy and how he could do the same thing to America as an "October Surprise" for George Bush
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