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Pro-abortion government and non-governmental leaders met in London this week to discuss the tenth anniversary of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The meeting devolved into attacks on the Bush administration. Present was Thoraya Obaid, head of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

The president of Ted Turner's United Nations Foundation, Timothy Wirth, even discussed whether the Bush administration was guilty of "crimes against humanity," because it encourages abstinence training to prevent the spread of AIDS. According to Wirth, "the United States and others have started questioning the efficacy of condoms. To condemn women by indifference to science and by failure to provide tools for their own protection may not meet the technical definition of crimes against humanity but it is certainly gross negligence toward humanity."

During the meeting, called "Countdown 2015," Steven Sinding, Director-General of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), proclaimed that a major goal of the attendees of the conference, including presumably the UN and EU officials, was the expansion of legal abortion.

According to Sinding, "IPPF and the people at this conference believe that the abortion provisions of the ICPD did not go far enough in calling for universal access to safe legal abortion. While we strongly believe in eliminating unwanted pregnancies, we recognize that they cannot be eliminated altogether. We believe the time has come to press ahead, to reinforce a global movement to ensure that every woman in every country has access to safe abortion services when she needs them."

Sinding also criticized the Bush administration for its program to address HIV/AIDS in Africa, stating that, "Simplistic approaches like the Bush administration's interpretation of 'ABC' [Abstain, Be faithful, or use Condoms] gain legitimacy despite the fact that they are generated by people with no understanding of sexual behavior or science." Sinding did not address the fact that the US under the Bush administration is the largest funder in history to the prevention and treatment of AIDS in Africa, or that a growing number of scientists now consider Uganda's abstinence program to be the most effective AIDS program in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The meeting ended with the promulgation of the "Declaration of the Global Roundtable," which called for governments to "guarantee the rights of people irrespective of.gender identity or sexual orientation." The Declaration also stated that, "We want a world where women and girls have access to safe and legal abortion."

Dr. Lieve Fransen, head of the European Commission's human and social development unit and the top EU AIDS official, welcomed the Declaration, stating that he "will take your recommendations to the European Council of Ministers in the fall where [UNFPA Executive Director] Thoraya Obaid will be invited for the discussion."
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