Summary and analysis of Planned Parenthood’s operations in the U.S.
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1) Introduction

2) Abortion

3) Planned Parenthood Financial Information

4) Planned Parenthood Organization

5) Planned Parenthood’s National Headquarters

6) Sex Education and Other ‘Services’

7) STOPP International's Plan for Defeating Planned Parenthood

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1) Introduction
This is the web version of STOPP International’s 2003 Special Issue of the Ryan Report. Its purpose is to provide detailed information about the very head of the Culture of Death in the U.S. – Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA).

Each year, PPFA issues an annual report that summarizes its activities in the United States and abroad. As a group that has been focusing on understanding Planned Parenthood for over 18 years, STOPP International uses the data in the latest PPFA Annual Report and combines it with historical data to present an accurate picture of PPFA’s programs and policies. In December 2002, PPFA made available to the public its 2001-2002 Annual Report. That report covers PPFA provided services for the calendar year 2001 as well as financial data for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2001 and ending June 30, 2002.

This Special Issue of the Ryan Report is packed with links to data tables and charts created with information taken from PPFA’s own Annual Reports, Service Reports and IRS Form 990’s. The charts are presented in PDF format. The tables are presented in both HTML and PDF formats. To view a PDF file one needs a viewer such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this program on your computer, visit to download the free Acrobat Reader. We encourage readers to share these charts and tables with others via electronic or printed means. Copies may be made and information may be publicly cited if attribution is given.

2) Abortion

The number of innocent babies Planned Parenthood kills every year via abortion procedures continues to increase. PPFA reported that it performed 213,026 abortion procedures in 2001. That represents an 8.1% increase over the previous year. The state of New York legalized surgical abortion on Sunday, July 1, 1970. On July 2, 1970, Planned Parenthood of Syracuse, N.Y., opened the first freestanding abortion clinic in the nation. While STOPP does not have accurate numbers for Planned Parenthood abortions for the early years, STOPP does have the numbers of abortions PPFA reported dating back to 1977. Since that time, PPFA has reported doing 3,019,559 abortions up to and including 2001. Remember that this figure does not include pre-implantation abortions caused sometimes by the anti-implantation effects of various birth control drugs and IUDs.

If we compare the 2001 PPFA abortion procedures to the generally accepted figure of about 1.3 million abortions procedures per year in the U.S., we can estimate that PPFA performed about 16% of all U.S. abortion procedures in 2001. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country, running about 160 abortion facilities nationwide. To find out where PPFA abortion facilities are located, see “Where are Planned Parenthood's 160 abortion facilities?” Please view the chart, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Abortions 1977 – 2001, which shows the annual number of PPFA abortions.

Based upon an estimated average cost of $375 per abortion, STOPP estimates that PPFA had a total income of $79,884,750 from abortion procedures in 2001. STOPP has made a similar estimate for each year 1977 – 2001 based upon the estimated average cost of an abortion in each particular year. Please view the results in the chart, Estimated Planned Parenthood Abortion Income 1977 – 2001. Adding up each year’s estimated abortion income from 1977 to 2001 gives a total of about $894,000,000 of income from abortion during that period.

Please view the data table, Planned Parenthood Abortions and Estimated Abortion Income 1977 – 2001 (PDF, HTML), which includes the actual numbers used to create the previous PPFA abortion related charts. See also the chart, Percent of Total US Reported Abortions Done by Planned Parenthood 1977 –2001, which shows how Planned Parenthood’s percentage of total U.S. abortions has grown throughout those years (supporting data table (PDF, HTML)).

3) Planned Parenthood Financial Information

For its 2001-2002 fiscal year, PPFA reported a total income of $692.5 million, which is an increase of about 3% over the previous year. Clinic income of $254.8 million accounted for 36% of the total income, while government grants and contracts ($240.9 million) accounted for 35%, and private contributions ($190.9 million) accounted for 28%. Since 1987, PPFA has reported a total of $7,583,700,000 of income with $2,658,800,000 coming from clinic income (35%), $2,454,900,000 coming from government grants and contracts (32%), and 2,016,400,000 coming from private contributions (27%). Please view the following charts:

Sources of Planned Parenthood Income 1987 - June 2002
Annual Sources of Planned Parenthood Income 1987 - June 2002

Planned Parenthood profits

PPFA has made a profit every year since at least 1987. The total profit since that year is $466,200,000. There may well be more profits from previous years, but this figure is based upon the unbroken series of PPFA financial reports currently in STOPP’s possession that dates back to 1987. The reported PPFA profit for fiscal year 2001-2002 was $12.2 million, which is $26.7 million less profit than PPFA made the previous year. Please view the following chart for more detail, Planned Parenthood Annual Profits 1987 - June 2002.

Tax dollars for Planned Parenthood

If you are wondering how PPFA can manage to make a profit year after year, you should consider how the American taxpayer is helping PPFA sustain itself. Total tax dollars to PPFA increased nearly 19% from $202.7 million in PPFA’s 2000-2001 fiscal year to $240.9 million in PPFA’s 2001-2002 fiscal year. Please view the chart, Taxpayer Money to Planned Parenthood 1987 - June 2002, which shows that PPFA received $2,454,900,000 via government grants and contracts during that period.

Money flows to PPFA from federal, state and local governments. To see a further breakdown of this total one can view a detailed report from the United States General Accounting Office (Nov. 13, 2001) which is at:

This GAO report states that in FY 2000, PPFA got $137,337,724 from the federal government, up from $125,751,924 in FY 1999. PPFA’s fiscal year doesn’t match that of the US government, which makes accurate comparisons difficult. However, the two fiscal years do overlap by 9 months. If we divide $137.3 million by $187.3 million PPFA reported it got from government sources in its 1999-2000 fiscal year, we can estimate that PPFA gets about 73 percent of its taxpayer funding from the federal government and the rest from state or local governments.

In addition to the money going to PPFA in FY 2000, the federal government gave International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) $15,768,328 and PPFA’s research arm, The Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), $1,113,712. The GAO report also indicates what federal programs are involved in such funding. In FY 2000, the federal domestic “family planning” population control program (Title X), granted PPFA $54,578,663 and AGI $526,584. PPFA also got $42,058,942 from Medicaid, $21,603,526 from social service block grants, $4,819,161 from maternal and child health services block grants and $14,277,432 from other, unspecified federal programs.

Private donations to Planned Parenthood

Private donations to PPFA in fiscal year 2001-2002 amounted to $190.9 million, which is a less than 1% increase over the previous year. For more details, please view the following chart, Private Contributions (Including Corporate) and Bequests to Planned Parenthood 1987 - June 2002.

STOPP often gets calls asking for a listing of companies to boycott because they support Planned Parenthood. Readers may obtain such information from the Saint Antoninus Institute Pro-Life Shopping Guide and Companies Supporting Pro-abortion Organizations and from Life Decisions International.

More financial data

More detailed information about PPFA’s finances can be viewed in the following tables:

Planned Parenthood Clinic Income, Government Grants and Contracts, Donations,

Total Income, and Profit 1987 - FY 2002 (PDF, HTML)

Detailed financial data for Planned Parenthood's last 5 years (PDF, HTML)
(This table includes a breakdown of yearly expenses.)

4) Planned Parenthood Organization

Planned Parenthood continues to operate with a centralized headquarters that coordinates independently incorporated affiliates across the United States. Each of the affiliates operate a number of local facilities generally called ‘clinics.’ The main office is in New York City, with other offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Chicago.

PPFA has 126 independent affiliates plus a “special affiliate” – the Alan Guttmacher Institute. This number is down significantly from the 181 independent affiliates PPFA reported in 1987. This 30% reduction in the number of affiliates has generally been driven by a need to reduce expenses through eliminating duplicate management positions and physical facilities.

For the third year in a row, PPFA reported having 875 clinics. This is well below the 938 clinics it reported in 1995. Since this number has remained unchanged for so long, STOPP tried to verify it through data provided by each of the affiliates on their respective web sites or by phone. After a thorough review in 2002, STOPP was able to identify only 846 Planned Parenthood clinics. If that, in fact, were the correct number, it would represent the lowest number of active clinics since PPFA reported having 850 in 1999.

Each year, STOPP creates a list of all the PPFA affiliates ranked by the amount of income each generates. We have done so again this year and have included a second version of the affiliate information sorted by state so that readers can readily see the information about all the Planned Parenthood affiliates in any particular state. Please view the following tables.

Planned Parenthood Affiliate Income, Profit, Assets Sorted by Income (PDF, HTML)
Planned Parenthood Affiliate Income, Profit, Assets Sorted by State (PDF, HTML)

Largest Planned Parenthood affiliate

The largest PPFA affiliate, based upon income, is Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Inc. (PPMM), headquartered in San Jose, Calif. This affiliate has 34 clinics in California and Nevada. PPMM’s IRS Form 990 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2001 indicates that its total income was $50,822,598 (line 12), which included a profit of $9,242,836 (line 18). In other words, about 18 % of its income was profit! Incredibly, this affiliate stated that it received $3,694,595 in government grants (line 1c). Now, why does the American taxpayer need to give nearly $3.7 million to an organization that has a profit of over $9.2 million? Certainly, PPMM doesn’t need the government grants. Even without such grants PPMM would have still made a profit.

But there is more to this story. If one looks at line 93 of the IRS Form 990, entitled, “Program service revenue,” one is told to see an attached statement (14) that shows several additional sources of income including the following:

Medi-Cal/Medicaid $4,187,405

State and Local Govt Contribution $1,113,512

Thus, even more government money flows to PPMM via various government programs that apparently subsidize program services. With hefty government subsidized profits, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that PPMM’s president and CEO, Linda Williams, had compensation amounting to $200,625 with an additional $9,789 listed as contributions to benefit plans.

Readers are encouraged to perform a similar analysis on the tax forms of their local Planned Parenthood affiliates and then publicize the results and share them with elected representatives. American taxpayers should not be forced to support an organization that kills innocent human beings and perverts children. You can obtain these 990 IRS forms for Planned Parenthood affiliates at for free download. Pay particular attention to lines 1c, 12, 18, 21, 93f and 93g.

5) Planned Parenthood’s National Headquarters

PPFA reported that its national organization (headquarters) had a total income of $65.3 million in the 2001-2002 fiscal year. That figure is $12.7 million less than the previous year. According to the PPFA 2001-2002 Annual Report, the national organization figures reflect the operations of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc. (including its Political Action Committee and other segregated fund, Planned Parenthood Votes) and The Planned Parenthood Foundation. Please view the graph, Reported Planned Parenthood National Office Revenue 1987 - June 2002.

STOPP found PPFA’s IRS Form 990 for the fiscal year 2000-2001 posted at Therein was listed the following information about how much several key national employees are paid:

Gloria Feldt, President: Compensation = $356,300, Benefits = $21,378, Expenses = $55,858

James Minow, VP Development: Compensation = $220,480, Benefits = $13,229

Vanessa Cullins, VP Medical Affairs: Compensation = $ 209,999

John Romo, Chief Operating Officer: Compensation = $199,212, Benefits = $11,953

Joan Coombs, VP Office of the President: Compensation = $182,000, Benefits = $8,041

Dan Rutberg, VP Information & Technology: Compensation = $173,888, Benefits = $10,433

Jeff Mechanick, VP Business Support Service: Compensation = $161,961, Benefits = $9,600

Mary Allie Stickney, VP International Program: Compensation = $160,000, Benefits = $9,300

6) Sex Education and Other ‘Services’

Please view the chart, Planned Parenthood Expenditures For Community/Public Sex Education and Number of Sex Education Attendees. As that chart shows, PPFA has seen a drop the number of people reached via its sex education programs. In 2000, such programs reached 1.3 million people, while in 2001 there were 1.0 million attendees. That’s a drop of about 23 percent and it occurred despite the fact that PPFA increased expenditures for sex-ed in both fiscal years 2000-2001 and 2001-2002. In fiscal year 2001-2002, PPFA spent a record $40.7 million on sexuality education programs.

Of course, the drop in sex-ed attendees is good news since many of these attendees are children or teens. PPFA’s entire business rests upon sex education. By teaching kids a perverted philosophy of human sexuality, PPFA breaks down natural inhibitions, which then leads to greater promiscuity. As a result, PPFA then increases its customer base for artificial birth control including abortion. A long-term effect of such education is that it tends to create citizens who will support Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

STOPP offers a 102-page book by its founder, Jim Sedlak, which explains how parents can gain control of the school systems that educate their children in order to eliminate perverting sex education programs. Entitled Parent Power, it is available for free at or you can order a printed copy by calling our resources department at 866-LET-LIVE.

But the good news above needs to be tempered by some very bad news. A few years ago PPFA opened up a new front on its assault against children and parental authority – its website for kids – The utterly disgusting nature of this web site is difficult to even talk about much less describe in print. Now, parents need to be vigilant about Planned Parenthood reaching their kids online, even in the sanctuary of their own homes. PPFA reported that, in 2002, received about 360,000 visits a month. That’s about 4,320,000 visits per year. Parents should consider blocking software or a filtering service such as the one available at Insist that your schools and public libraries provide such protection as well.

Adoptions referrals decrease

For the fourth year in a row PPFA’s adoption referrals to other agencies (Planned Parenthood is not an adoption agency) declined. In 2001, such referrals were down to only 1,951. That’s a 79 % decrease from what they were in 1997. Yet, during the same time period, Planned Parenthood’s abortion procedures increased 29 %. In 2001, Planned Parenthood aborted about 109 babies for every one adoption referral it made to an outside agency (divide 213,026 by 1,951).

Other ‘services’

PPFA reported several other services it performed for the 2,647,423 unduplicated clients it had in 2001. This information is posted, along with similar information for the previous four years, in the following table.

Detailed service data for Planned Parenthood's last 5 years (PDF, HTML)

As that table shows, the single largest category of services at Planned Parenthood is contraception. NOTE: Most of the so-called contraceptive methods provided by Planned Parenthood, such as oral contraceptives, emergency contraception (also called “the morning after pill”), contraceptive injectables, contraceptive implants, and IUDs sometimes prevent the implantation in the mother’s womb of a human being about 5 to 7 days old. This results in the death of a human person. Pope John Paul II refers to such products as “abortifacients” in section 13 of his encyclical, Evangelium Vitae. Dr. Chris Kahlenborn explains the abortifacient effects of some common types of contraception at American Life League has a list of over 220 doctors that have signed a statement that the pill and emergency contraception kill. The statement is at and the list of those who signed it is at

PPFA had 2,022,479 women clients for reversible contraception in 2001, an increase of 8.1 % from the previous year. In addition, PPFA had male contraceptive clients, sterilization clients of both sexes, and huge increase in the number of emergency contraception kits it distributed. Such kits numbered 458,892 in 2001, a 248.6 % increase over the previous year. EC kits continue to be the fastest growing part of PPFA’s business in recent years. Planned Parenthood listed the following percentages for contraceptive methods chosen by its clients in 2001.

43 % Oral Contraceptives

17.9 % Emergency Contraception

11.6 % Contraceptive Injectables

11.6 % Non-Prescription Barrier Methods

8.9 % No-Method

5.4 % Other/Unknown Methods

.7 % IUDs

.5 % Prescription Barrier Methods

.1 % Contraceptive Implants

.1 % Sterilization

.1 % Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

STOPP subscribes to the truth that the sexual drive in human beings was created by God to fulfill two interrelated purposes – to bring a close union between a married man and woman engaging in intimate sexual behavior (the “unitive” purpose of sex) and to provide a means to propagate the race (the “procreative” purpose of sex). We further understand that, to be true to the Natural Law that guides all human action, any act of sexual intercourse must be done within marriage and be open to both the unitive and procreative purposes. Thus, we object to Planned Parenthood facilitating sexual intercourse outside of marriage. We also object to Planned Parenthood distributing products, such as those listed above, which artificially attempt to render procreation impossible.

7) STOPP International's Plan for Defeating Planned Parenthood
STOPP’s plan for defeating Planned Parenthood is available at: It relies upon people opposing Planned Parenthood in their own communities. The STOPP plan is divided into sections:

Defeating Planned Parenthood's plans for your community
Defeating Planned Parenthood sex education programs
Defeating government funding of Planned Parenthood
Successful battles against Planned Parenthood
This plan is based on actual experience in fighting -- and defeating -- Planned Parenthood programs, facilities and government funding via peaceful, prayerful, and legal means. In conjunction with local pro-lifers throughout the country, STOPP has been at the forefront of such battles since 1985. These tactics are proven. They work! There have been some amazing victories, but we have a long way to go. With the help of STOPP’s plan, and constant prayer, you should be able to shut down Planned Parenthood in your community.

More information

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