Do ex-gays exist?
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118-2  This fascinating look into the lives of five former homosexuals answers many contemporary questions surrounding the possiblity of change. Inspirational from start to finish, this documentary describes the process of how people identify themselves as gay and then how a transition to a new heterosexual life is possible. "I Do Exist" demonstrates that change involves more than self-definition. Those who tell their story on this film describe profound reorientation of sexual and personal feelings leading to a greater sense of self-awareness and satisfaction.

Supplementing the personal stories of change are the observations of psychiatrist Dr. Robert Spitzer, psychology professors Dr. Mark Yarhouse and Dr. Warren Throckmorton and ex-gay advocate Arthur Goldberg. These noted experts give the viewer thought provoking perspectives on the controversial issues surrounding transition of personal sexuality. "I Do Exist" inspires and educates concerning one of the most talked about issues of our time.

Running Time: 48 Minutes, Audience: Adults/teens

Format: DVD & VHS

Produced by: Warren Throckmorton
Directed by: Jim Kragel
Original Music by Warren Throckmorton, Jim Kragel & Sonia Vannest
Written by Warren Throckmorton
Art Direction & Cover Design by Rex Kilian


©2004 Warren Throckmorton

Viewer comments:

"Produced by Dr. Warren Throckmorton, I DO EXIST is a documentary about homosexuals who have changed their identity to one that is heterosexual. The documentary explores the different types of homosexuality from the people who dabble in it and people who adopt a gay identity...The most important part of the documentary is interviews with people who had identified as gay for many years and decided to change...This is a wonderful and necessary video to dispel some of the confusions of our age, and it is highly recommended by MOVIEGUIDE®.

-Ted Baehr, PhD, Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE® and MOVIEGUIDE.ORG

"I...endorse the film “I Do Exist” by Warren Throckmorton, PhD. It is a clear and informative presentation of the possibility of change for those who consider themselves homosexual or lesbian. The testimonials of those featured are heartfelt and honest but filled with hope that change is real and that being gay or lesbian is not a fixed existence...for those who want to change. Here is evidence! A very encouraging and helpful resource for those involved in ministry to youth and adults who seek change...I highly recommend this film."

-Rev. Louis Going - Whitefield, New Hampshire

"I Do Exist" is a film that takes on the claims of the gay lobby and answers them, not with harsh rhetoric, but with truth. To a culture that seems bent on denying the existence of "ex-gays," this film features those who have left a gay identity making the bold proclamation, "I DO exist!" Once again, the TRUTH is "coming out," and we have Dr. Warren Throckmorton to thank. I heartily endorse this bold and courageous film!

- Rev. Byron Harvey, Mercer, Pennsylvania

"I Do Exist!" is an excellent video resource regarding homosexuality and change. I heartily recommend it."

--Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon, Associate Professor of New Testament, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Author of The Bible and Homosexual Practice (Abingdon Press, 2001) and co-author, with Dan O. Via, of Homosexuality and the Bible: Two Views (Fortress Press, 2003). www.robgagnon.net

"This is a can't miss resource. The church needs to see this film." - Pastor, Minnesota

"I can't think of a better resource to demonstrate the process of change." - Ex-gay, Tennesee

"The film is very well done. The quality of production is on par with anything I've seen on NOVA or PBS." - Professor, Pennsylvania

"I saw it three times and I want to see it again." - Pastor, New Hampshire

"The speakers are so articulate. I feel like I know them." - Teacher, Ohio

"Every youth leader and youth group needs to see this film." - Counselor, Minnesota

Synopsis of the Film:

The film opens with people on the street giving their opinion about the potential for sexual orientation change. The scene changes to Columbus, OH and the debate over same sex marriage. The film then moves into a segment demonstrating how our participants came to experience same sex attractions and identify as gay. Drs. Yarhouse and Throckmorton provide analysis of the current views of cause for same sex attractions and identity. Dr. Spitzer summarizes his research and his skepticism that the organized mental health establishment will recognize such change. Noe' Gutierrez talks about his experiences on the film, "It's Elementary." He described his problems with how the film seems to point kids toward seeing themselves as gay if they feel different in some way. The next segment provides both personal and professional commentary on change of sexuality. The film wraps up with suggestions to the church, schools and community.

The DVD insert contains more information about the film with suggested uses.

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