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Fox Searchlight Films is set to release a new film about “sex researcher” Alfred C. Kinsey on November 12, 2004. The film, directed by gay activist Bill Condon and starring Liam Neeson, will present Dr. Kinsey as a personally tormented man, but also as a legitimate scientist whose driving concern was to learn all he could about human sexuality for scientific reasons. The real Alfred Kinsey was not an objective scientist, and certainly not an emotionally well man. The information below is designed to help you learn the truth about Kinsey, his fraud and his crimes, and what you can do combat his influence in your community.

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* Where can I get a copy of the Focus fact sheet "Kinsey: Myths, Facts and Reform"?

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Contrary to the Hollywood version, the real Alfred Kinsey was not an objective scientist, and certainly not an emotionally well man.
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When adhered to strictly, marital fidelity has always protected individuals and society. This site is dedicated to calling society back to the sure and safe boundary of abstinence until — and faithfulness within — marriage.
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Kinsey's work has been instrumental in advancing acceptance of pornography, homosexuality, abortion and condom-based sex education, and his disciples even today are promoting a view of children as "sexual beings." Their ultimate goal: to normalize pedophilia, or "adult-child sex."
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The Family Research Council video, The Children of Table 34, reveals how flawed Kinsey "science" is still being used to promote a pedophilic agenda, and is dedicated to the children who were forced to suffer at the hands of this sordid agenda.
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Kinsey’s producer wants the audience to believe that Kinsey was a heroic revolutionary who wanted to gain a broader understanding of human sexuality. But for more than 50 years, Kinsey’s “research” has served to systematically undermine the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic that has guided Western civilization for centuries.
* Dr. Judith Reisman
"Dr. Reisman’s study supports the conclusion that Alfred Kinsey’s research was contrived, ideologically driven and misleading." Click on "Kinsey Updates" and "Future Kinsey Bioflics."
* Restoring Legal Protections for Women And Children (PDF)
This paper presents a first-hand account from participants and scholars since 1948 of how Alfred Kinsey's “junk science” was introduced into public policies and state law.

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