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(AgapePress) - Adult stem cells are being credited with helping a woman take her first steps in more than 20 years. Song Chang-Hoon, a 37-year old South Korean woman, has not walked in two decades -- until now.

Doctors used adult stem cells, taken from umbilical cord blood, to repair Song's spinal column. And that's not all, according to Dr. Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America. She says, "South Korea claims that there are other countries with just as dramatic success from stem cells and that these stories will be coming out later, and that they just have not been verified."

Umbilical cord blood contains millions of adult stem cells. Researchers have found that these cells, unlike embryonic stem cells, do not cause tumors when used. The repair of Song's spine is just one more to be added to the growing total of maladies being successfully treated with adult stem cells. Meanwhile, 20 years of embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR) have not yielded a single cure.

Crouse is among the many pro-lifers who are hoping this latest medical "miracle" associated with adult stem cells will weaken the liberal push for ESCR. She says the report out of South Korea on the restoration of mobility to a 20-year paralytic is an incredible story and should open the eyes of those on the political left who are pushing to remove restrictions against use of embryonic stem cells and increase federal funding for ESCR.

The CWA spokeswoman observes that many times, in old movies, when people experience a miracle they say, "Oh, I've seen the light." In the case of Song Chang-Hoon, Crouse says, "Well, it seems to me this is a miracle, and let's hope the left will see the light."

Researchers say over 50 different medical problems are currently being treated successfully with adult stem cells. According to Jonathan Imbody of the Christian Medical Association, adult stem cells are "quietly providing hope and help for people with Parkinson's disease, heart disease, spinal cord injuries, immunodeficiencies, sickle cell anemia, autoimmune diseases and stroke."

Despite the evidence of amazing advances in adult stem-cell therapies, ESCR proponents and profiteers keep on "beating the drum for human embryo stem cell research," Imbody notes. Nevertheless, he insists that scientific evidence, fiscal prudence, and compassion for the afflicted all point to investing U.S. tax dollars in adult stem-cell research, where proven results are yielding real treatments for real patients.
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