Autor: Austin Ruse Fuente: C-FAM (Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute)

For years, pro-life and pro-family observers in Latin America have voiced increasing concern and even outrage over the involvement of UNICEF in the production of sexually explicit, some would say obscene, sexual education manuals for adolescents. UNICEF has usually responded to such accusations by seeking to shift ultimate responsibility for the writing and production
of the manuals to national governments. However, the investigative report issued last week by the International Organizations Research Group and the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute may render these tactics less effective, since the report chronicles UNICEF's gradual but ltimately enthusiastic embrace of the sexual revolution for children and the "safe sex" agenda.

For instance, the study, entitled "UNICEF, Women or Children First?" illustrates how UNICEF now funds the distribution of condoms throughout the world. Australian politicians reported that even on the remote Pacific island of Vanuatu there was a UNICEF-funded clinic ".where condoms were placed in a basket close to the entrance door for easy access and visibility. A client can just walk in, collect condom supplies and leave
without having to ask the health workers for them. This is an excellent example of making condoms easily accessible without any hassle for the clients."

IORG and C-FAM researchers also learned that, in 1998, UNICEF funded a project in China that was carried out by Marie Stopes International that
"increased young people's access to affordable high-quality condoms by installing condom machines at entertainment establishments." This program would appear to create two separate problems for UNICEF, since UNICEF has denied any involvement with Marie Stopes International, which runs a worldwide string of abortion clinics, as well as any involvement in Chinese family planning programs or population control programs, which are notoriously coercive. Based upon this evidence, both of UNICEF's denials
now appear untrue.

UNICEF continues to fund loveLife (sic), a South African organization, even after it came to UNICEF's attention that loveLife encouraged
adolescents to engage in promiscuous sexual activity and encouraged girls to seek abortions. LoveLife also tells children, "If you wanna be a great lover, learn good foreplay!..Go on - experiment, make your partner melt. Take your time - only amateurs rush such pleasure." In response to criticisms, a UNICEF spokesman claims that loveLife educates "young people
about HIV and sexual responsibility" and that it is "empowering young people to make responsible choices."

HIV/AIDS prevention is the paramount public justification for the transformation at UNICEF. According to UNICEF Executive Director Carol
Bellamy ".young people have sex, something the world must acknowledge as a pre-condition to mounting effective [HIV] prevention programmes." One high-ranking UNICEF official has even called upon nations to legalize prostitutions and to unionize prostitutes in order to protect children
from AIDS, claiming that "when sex-workers are organized they are in a stronger position to negotiate safer sex with clients."

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